The Perfect Place to Play

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new, state-of-the-art Arcade


While our arcade is a recent addition, we are committed to continuously updating our gaming collection and staying at the forefront of the latest arcade trends. Our aim is to deliver the most enticing arcade experience in the area. We will regularly introduce new games and immersive experiences, ensuring our arcade remains an ever-evolving hub of fun and excitement. At Golf N’ Gator and Beachside Grand Prix, we believe in growing and innovating to keep our visitors thrilled, entertained, and coming back for more. Watch this space for the latest gaming adventures, because at our arcade, the game never ends!


Our arcade at Golf N’ Gator boasts an exciting collection of games, each promising a unique blend of enjoyment and challenge. Visitors can experience the joy of skeeball, engage in a thrilling match of air hockey, try their hand at pinball machines, or shoot some hoops at our basketball stations. For those who love to groove, our Dance Dance Revolution setup is waiting for you. Dive into immersive gaming experiences with Halo and Jurassic Park, designed to delight both solo players and groups. The fun doesn’t stop there, as Golf N’ Gator is excited to announce the upcoming additions to our gaming lineup, which includes the universally loved Mario Kart and other exciting new games. With our wide range of multiplayer games, visitors can challenge their friends and family for a wholesome, fun-filled day at the arcade!

Our Pricing

Our Arcade has your favorite retro games from back in the day. Come visit us to take a totally awesome journey back to the 80s and 90s, share the games of your youth with your kids, or reconnect with buddies through some friendly competition.

Why Choose Golf N Gator?

Imagine a weekend, and instead of getting up and exploring, you’re stuck at home, surrendering to monotony. We’ve all been there, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Golf N Gator presents an exhilarating antidote to your weekend woes. Our newly launched arcade is the heart of this vibrant experience, but that’s just the beginning. We’re offering a triple threat of fun – an electrifying arcade, challenging mini golf, and heart-pounding go-karting all under one sky. We’ve packaged a day of family fun that gets you active, unleashes your competitive spirit, and creates moments of joy that you’ll cherish forever. Our solution is simple, swap your familiar couch for our exciting games, fresh air, and unforgettable memories.

But Wait, There’s More!

The fun doesn’t stop at the arcade. Golf N Gator offers a range of thrilling experiences beyond the gaming zone. Once you’ve had your fill of digital amusement, why not satiate your need for speed on our advanced go-kart track? Race around, feel the wind in your hair and make unforgettable memories. But the fun doesn’t stop there. After some high-speed excitement, you can take a breather and swing over to Golf ‘N Gator for a relaxing round of mini-golf. Navigate through the creatively designed courses, each presenting its own unique set of challenges. Don’t worry about going hungry; the snack bar in the main lobby area of Golf ‘N Gator offers a delightful array of refreshments. As you munch on your snacks, enjoy the sight of the vibrant wildlife on the premises. With such a multitude of options, Golf N Gator is more than an arcade; it’s the ultimate destination for all-around family fun!

Our new arcade is a gamer’s paradise, featuring over 10 unique games, ranging from timeless classics like Skeeball and Air Hockey to the latest immersive VR adventures like Jurassic Park and Halo. We’ve ensured that our pricing remains affordable, with gameplay starting as low as $7.50, giving you the freedom to explore and enjoy as many games as you wish in the allotted time. Whether you’re a devoted gamer or simply looking for a fun-filled day, Golf N’ Gator’s new arcade is the ticket to hours of entertainment and a memorable experience. Come, dive into a world of games, and let the fun times roll!

Our arcade operates on the same business hours as the rest of the Golf N Gator attractions. We believe in maximizing your fun, which is why we ensure you can enjoy our games for as long as possible. Please note, to ensure you have ample time to enjoy your gaming session, we will only sell game cards up until 30 minutes before our closing time. This policy guarantees that even our last customers of the day can fully enjoy their gaming experience without feeling rushed. Always remember to check Golf N Gator‘s website or contact our customer service at 321-799-4545 for the most accurate and updated business hours. Let the games continue till the very end!

Stepping into the arcade is like stepping into a portal to the past, a nod to the golden era of gaming where the joy of playing was shared with friends, shoulder to shoulder, around a flickering screen. Born in the bustling streets of Japan in the 1970s, the arcade quickly became a global sensation, providing a unique space where both young and old could gather, compete, laugh, and bond over a shared love for games. Golf N Gator‘s new arcade encapsulates this spirit, reviving the nostalgic charm of retro arcades while fusing it with cutting-edge technology of the present.

Here, parents can relive their childhood memories, kids can embark on thrilling digital adventures, and friends can rekindle bonds over a friendly match of skeeball or a breathtaking virtual reality quest. This seamless blend of the old and the new, the tangible and the virtual, makes our arcade the perfect place for friends and family to create precious memories, together. It’s not just about gaming, it’s about reliving the joy of playing together, it’s about shared laughter and camaraderie. That’s the magic of the arcade, and that’s the experience we promise at Golf N Gator.

Let The Games Begin!

Unchain your inner competitor at Golf N Gator! Our plethora of interactive arcade games and outdoor activities are designed to ignite your competitive spirit. Whether you’re mastering the turns on our racing tracks, aiming for a hole-in-one at mini-golf or striving for the highest score in our cutting-edge arcade games, there’s something to test and enhance your skills. Our venue is not just about playing; it’s about playing to win. At Golf N Gator, every game is a thrilling competition, and every player is a potential champion. So come and challenge yourself and your friends, or compete with family members, and let the spirit of friendly competition add a spark of excitement to your day!

Ready to experience the thrill of our arcade? We can’t wait to welcome you to Golf N Gator! From our extensive selection of games to our pulse-racing go-kart track to the peaceful Golf ‘N Gator mini golf course, we’ve got your day sorted. Whether it’s a family day out or a meet-up with friends, there’s something here for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Grab your game cards, reignite your competitive spirit, and let the games begin! Then, after the digital excitement, why not wind down with a relaxing round of mini golf or feel the thrill of our exhilarating go-kart track? Your day of fun and unforgettable memories await here at Golf N Gator. Don’t waste another weekend at home, gather your group of friends and plan a day at Golf N Gator, you won’t regret it!