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Our Wildlife Family

Golf N Gator is home to more than just alligators! We also have birds, lizards, snakes, even a tortoise. You can meet all of our animal friends when you’re here, with educational shows and hands-on experiences. To learn about the creatures you will see when you’re playing mini golf, check them out below.

Feed, hold, and interact with our reptiles and more! Like you would your pet.


What Can You Do With Our Gators?

Have you ever picked up a gator? Hold one of our baby alligators in your very own hands with one of our handlers. Get up close and personal with these cool critters!

While you’re holding a gator, why not get your picture taken? Make sure to remember the excitement (or terror) of the moment with your friends and family!



Want to interact with our full-sized, adult gators? We have plenty waiting in the swamp, and they’re excited to meet you. Come to Golf N Gator and feed our live gators.

No, you can’t take a gator WITH you on the golf course, but you’ll get to see them all along the way. Our gators are in our big ponds along the mini golf course

Golf N Gator is home to 30 American Alligators of different ages and sizes! These animals are usually found only in the southeastern United States. According to Florida State University, over 1.5 million Alligators inhabit Florida. Our gators spend their time just like wild gators: lurking in the water or sunbathing on land. Get the full Golf N’ Gator experience with mini golf at our alligator attraction!

Visit Us and interact with our reptiles and more!